Tile Roofing Shingles

Tile Roofing ShinglesTile roofing varies from standard weight to lightweight.  Because tile roofing is heavier, it requires a sturdy structural frame to hold its weight.  If your home is able, consider the numerous benefits of tile roofing, including specialty tiles such as Spanish tile, shake tile, clay tiles, and much more.  

Roof tiles can provide your home with the protection you need and aesthetics you’ve dreamed of.  With several different styles and colors available, adding tile roofing to your home is not only easy, it’s effective.  Choose tile roofing to ensure that your home is safe against hail and other weather storms.  With the ever changing weather in Texas, it’s crucial to find roofing material that is strong and secure.  Tile roofing provides you with a unique look and a solid structure.

With so many available styles and colors of tile roofing, choosing the perfect fit can be quite the decision.  From Spanish tile to specialty features like Boosted Barcelona Caps, the architecture and exterior of your home will provide useful information as to which tile roofing material is the best aesthetic decision.  Spanish tiles can incorporate a custom color blend or standard colors.  Reflecting the classic style of Spanish architecture, Spanish tile is durable and exquisite in appearance.  With distinct combinations of hues, this tile roofing gives your home a rustic feel without confining the style of your home. 

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The incredible application of tile roofing gives your roof an incomparable look.  Villa tile is less Spanish centered and more Mediterranean in style.  Found in Italy and Southern France, Villa tiles combine unique colors to enhance your home’s exterior.  Whether the architecture of your home is Mediterranean or colonial, Villa tiles look great on a variety of styles.  And, this popular tile material is strong and durable for a long lasting roof.

Of course, Spanish style is considered one of the most popular tile roofing styles available, but tile roofing goes far beyond a combination of hues.  For a traditional look with the durability of tile roofing, choose between shake tile, split shake, country slate, or Madera 900.  All of these tiles offer sustainability and reliability. When you choose Joe Hall Roofing, the options are endless.  Tile roofs provide your home with insulation, keeping the sun from heating it.  Whether you’re looking for a new roof or a reroof, Joe Hall does it all. 

The reroofing process begins with you.  It’s important to understand your options and find the best roofing material to invest in your home.  Tile roofing reduces energy bills, improves curb appeal, reduces home insurance premiums, increases the value of your home, and offers you an affordable option. 

When you’re looking for ways to save without sacrificing quality, Joe Hall Roofing offers a variety of tile roofing options to ensure that your roof lasts for years to come.  Choose between Spanish tiles, Villa tiles, and so much more.  When you’ve chosen the perfect colors and style, Joe Hall will provide you with lasting results to give your home curb appeal and necessary support.



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