Roof Maintenance During Shelter-in-Place Orders

Roof Maintenance During Shelter-in-Place Orders
Summer break is drawing near. And with the shelter-in-place orders across America and abroad, homeowners are doing a lot of do-it-yourself projects. Inspecting your roof is one of those routine tasks you can do from your home. Here are some tips to help you inspect your roof.

Look for fallen tree limbs. Tree limbs and leaves as well as other tree debris love to fall and make a home on your roof system. Unfortunately, this can harm your shingles and deteriorate your roof faster. Avoid this by making sure tree limbs are safely out of reach of your home’s roof. The last thing you want is for your tree to grow so much that the limbs scape the shingles and loosen the granules.

Leaves inevitably fall as the wind blows. Depending on the type of trees in your yard you could have leaves, pine needles, or other tree debris falling onto your roof system. And a little bit is to be expected. But if you allow too many leaves to collect, they start to trap moisture and cause mildew to form among other problems. Take a rake or a leaf blower to remove them safely and easily.

Inspect your gutters, flashing, and chimney. Gutter damage can happen when too much debris clogs the gutters or when heavy snow or ice builds up. Make sure that your gutters are unclogged by running some matter through them. Unclog, fix loose nails, and keep your gutters in functioning condition. While you’re going around your house looking for gutter problems, inspect your roof for any missing shingles, chimney damage, and loose flashing.

Looking for damage to your roof system can save you from extensive damage that happens after a roof has been neglected. If you find any missing shingles, mold, or damaged areas on your room, call Joe Hall Roofing to get your roof repaired.

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