How to Prepare your Roof for Fall

How to Prepare your Roof for Fall
Summer is finally making it’s grand exit in North Texas and fall is arriving with strong winds, thunderstorms, and incredible cool weather. While us Texans love the arrival of fall, our homes don’t always feel that same appreciation. The winds that come along with the cold front that brings us fall can cause missing shingles and other problematic damage. So before fall comes in in full force, here are some ways to prepare for the cooler weather and all that it brings. First, look for damaged shingles. The wind can be brutal to your roof system. So check your yard for shingles that have fallen off. Then, use a ladder to climb up and look at your roof. Look for loose or damaged shingles. Putting in the effort before the weather gets crazy will save you a lot of money and heartache. If you notice any damage to your roof system, contact your roof contractor. Clean your Gutters Enjoy this perfect weather to the fullest. Get out there and clean your gutters. Leaves are falling, wind is causing added debris, and, if you’re like most homeowners in Texas, you’ve avoided this task because the North Texas heat can be unbearable. So, take advantage of the cool front and get your gutters clean before the trees really start shedding leaves and clogging gutters. It's a time-consuming task, but it crucial for the maintenance of your roof. If you don’t clean them before the leaves really start falling, you’ll end up with unnecessary buildup. And that buildup can cause roof leaks that end up costing thousands of dollars to repair. Trim branches, clear debris off the roof, and clean the gutters—this chore will extend the lifetime of your roof. Check the Valleys While you’re looking over the roof, check the valleys on the roof—the spaces where lines meet. This is where the most debris builds up on your roof. And, unfortunately, that’s also where the most leaks occur. Safety is absolutely first when doing anything on the roof. If you can’t reach something from a ladder, we recommend contacting your roofing contractor to have your roof inspected, cleared, and cleaned. By completing these tasks and inspections, you’ll be more prepared for fall. We know roof chores can be draining, but this is one chore that can potentially save you thousands of dollars.
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