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All of our brands at The Tapco Group are firmly rooted in innovation. Focusing on maintenance-free beauty, easy installation, sustainability and delivering the most colors and product options, The Tapco Group is committed to Innovation Born from Origional Thinking. From the basement to the roof, we have your needs covered. We invite you to learn more about the complete range of premium exterior products offered tby the Tapco Group. InSpire’s Traditional colors for slate offer a vast array of rich selections, encompassing both time-tested hues and new, vibrant ideas. The versatility of InSpire allows you to choose a single color for a saturating richness, or a blended color for stunning dimension to present exclusive custom curb appeal.

Are you building a new home?  Or maybe you are renovating?  Whatever your reason might be, when you need roofing, there is only one place that can offer you durable, energy efficient, quality roofing—Inspire Roofing.  At Inspire, you will find that roofs have a longer lifespan, are durable for harsh weather conditions, and look beautiful.  Inspire you neighborhood with Inspire Roofing.

Inspire by Tapco wants your roofing experience to be quick, easy, and lasting for years to come.  Don’t be surprised when Inspire Roofing exceeds all of your expectation.  With experienced roofing experts, your roof will have aesthetic appeal as well as function. Delivering a traditional, attractive solution, InSpire Slate Cool Roofing provides timeless sophistication compared to similarly-priced metal cool roofs to help meet every aesthetic, functional and sustainable need of discerning homeowners. Cool roofing can add one or more LEED points to the several potential LEED credits already available with our sustainable roofing.

To make your home the talk of the town, getting the perfect product to meet your quality and environmental needs.  With various tiles to choose from, you will find that whatever choice you decide on, your home will look brand new.  From shake tiles to slate tile, or even slate mixes, your roof can provide you with a cooler home in the hot summer.  Inspire by Tapco is eager and willing to provide all of your roofing needs.  All you have to do is choose what roofing products best fit your needs and aesthetic appeal of your home. Keeping the architecture of your home in mind, choose a roofing material that will not only add to the style of your exterior, but also add a little something extra.

Slate Tile Shingles

InSpire Slate gives you the power to evoke both historical elegance and outstanding modern-day style.Our slate tiles are created with molds cast from real slate to capture genuine peaks, plateaus and curves. Color-through design and UV stabilization ensure “stay-true” richness for traditional colors such asForest Green and Plum, bold tones like Brick Red and unique selections such as Cool Roofing Sand andGrey/Black blended tiles. InSpire Shake's proprietary finishing delivers delicate shade variations with authenticity that is harmonious and natural to the eye. Our tiles' sublime, unified color is factory-collated along with the correct proportions of our 10", 7-1/2" and 5" shake widths to give you the ideal shake roof. Few roofs can be described as breathtaking. But that's the effect of our InSpire Mixes. With the uncommon, dynamic style, this architectural roofing features a variety of beautifully balanced color to turn a roof into a work of art. Using expertly-crafted color rations, InSpire Mix tiles are bundled and shipped ready for application, providing installations that are cleaner and faster. With exceptional character, the InSpire Mix roof is uplifting and sophisticated like no other.

If the style of your home isn’t fit for cedar shakes, you can always choose Inspire Slate.  With the true authenticity of slate, your home will be the highlight of conversation throughout your neighborhood.  Impress your guests and passerby’s as you display your slake roofing.  Inspire is available in a spectrum of 31 colors.  Pick from the array of choices and enjoy your new roof, which comes with the protection of a limited lifetime warranty and incredible durability.  As the only compression-molded slate tile in the industry, you will find that your roof surpasses all the rest.

Shake Tile Shingles

InSpire Shake has beautifully achieved what was once impossible - creating a synthetic shake that is easy to love and without maintenance. There is none of the notorious rotting, cracking, splitting or chemical treating that natural cedar often regularly requires. Instead, the roof is extremely durable and fire risk is minimized with our top-level Class A fire resistance, especially noteworthy for communities prohibiting cedar roofs or requiring Class A roof systems. InSpire Shake's proprietary finishing delivers delicate shade variations with authenticity that is harmonious and natural to the eye. Our tiles' sublime, unified color is factory-collated along with the correct proptions of our 10", 7-1/2" and 5" shake widths to give you ideal shake roof. Our appreciation for science results in advanced manufacturing with top-rated Class A fire resistance, Class 4 impact resistance, 110 mph win uplift rating and a limited lifetime warranty. Driven to bring you incomparable total perforamce, see why roofers around the country trust, prefer and recommend InSpire Shake and Slate Roofing, and why homeowners absolutely love their roofs. 

Shake tiles are cedar shakes that are perfect for that rustic look.  Inspire Shake has a elegant style of cedar shake that allows you to enjoy your home.  With a limited lifetime warranty, Inspire Shake will make sure you’re protected from fire with no maintenance required.  Three rich colors highlight nature’s beauty.  New Cedar, Cedar Brown, and Weathered Grey give your home the warmth and classic style you’ll enjoy for years to come.  Able to handle rain, class four hail impact, sea-spray, and 110 miles-per-hour winds, even rough weather can’t harm your home.

Inspire by Tapco can meet you with all of your roofing needs.  Whether you want shake tiles or slate tiles, your home can stand out above the rest.  Building from scratch or replacing, let Inspire Roofing help you get your home looking aesthetically appealing, without sacrificing function and durability.  Inspire by Tapco wants to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your home, so you get to make all of the decisions, from colors to materials, the choice is yours.


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