Costly Results of Insufficient Roof Ventilation

Costly Results of Insufficient Roof Ventilation
A home’s ventilation system serves an important purpose. During the winter, it keeps the attic dry and in the summer it keeps the attic cool using intake and exhaust. This protects the beams and keeps roofing materials from becoming damaged.

While North Texas doesn’t have an expected freeze each winter, it’s wise to be prepared for winter weather to preserve your roof system. During winter, even in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, humid air from your home makes its way into your attic. This humid air is most likely to get through spaces in walls and ceilings with bypasses for electrical and plumbing systems.

If the roof attic is not properly ventilated, when the warm air reaches the cold air, condensation forms on the rafters, decking, beams, and other materials and can result in harmful structural damage. The moisture will soak into the wood and make them swell, which over time, causes the wood to warp. Other possible effects include rotting of the roof decking, water damage to your ceiling through the insulation, and the development of ice dams.

Ice dams occur in the winter when the heat builds up in attics with inadequate insulation. This heat builds as the sun appears and melts snow on the roof. The melted snow gets into the shingles, collects at the gutters and eaves, then refreezes and causes shingles to warp. The damage is only multiplied as the process of ice refreezing and melting repeats.

In the summer, heat accumulates within the attic, reaching temperatures well over 100 degrees, even if it’s less than 90 degrees outside. If roof ventilation is poor, and moisture mixes with these extreme North Texas summer temperatures, it will negatively affect your roof shingles, decreasing the lifespan of your roof materials. Another negative side effect of poor roof ventilation during the summer is the hot air flow back into your home. This means that your appliances, air conditioner, refrigerator, etc., have to work that much harder and cost you more than necessary in energy bills.

Proper roof ventilation requires a very particular pattern of air movement. Air flow is vital inside the attic to facilitate an exchange process. The ventilation system must be proportionate for the dimensions of the attic to ensure continuous air flow in and out of the attic. A fan or wind-assisted exhaust vents, as well as other mechanical and natural vents are options.

Both residential and commercial properties require proper ventilation systems to control the air flow in and out of the building. In the winter a vent releases hot, moist air to regulate indoor air temperature and humidity. When the proper ventilation is missing, the damage can be extensive and require costly repairs.

Have a professional contractor come inspect your ventilation system in the winter and summer to ensure that your roof system is working properly.


Is Your Roof Properly Supported?

Is Your Roof Properly Supported?
When roofing a home, there are two roof framing systems used—rafters and trusses. Rafters and trusses provide the roof support for your home. It’s crucial that whichever your home uses, it is in proper working condition to provide the necessary support for your homes structure.

Roofs that are framed with rafters use individual rafters, which is just sawn lumber members, that are spaced at about 24 inches on center and go from the exterior walls to the ridge or into the sides of the main hip rafters. Commonly referred to stick-framing, this roofing style consists of two-by-sixes. But, because of the use of this small size, they don’t span very far and need to be braced near mid-span.

In most roofing structures, the roof-bracing system carries the majority of the weight of the roof. Because of this, it’s crucial that the roof braces rest on the load-bearing walls and not the most convenient interior room partition wall. While this seems standard, many framers often support the roof bracing system on the closest wall, which leads to floor sag and other complicated issues in the structure.

Along the peak of the roof is a ridge board that is used as a bearing-plate for the opposing rafters. And while the ridge board does not provide any structural support, it is required that it be tall enough to be placed in full contact with the cut face of the mating rafter and that opposing rafters align directly with one another.

These requirements are vital to the structural integrity of the home. When the ridge board is not structurally sound, the roof rafters should be lapped alongside and connected to the underlying ceiling joists at the exterior wall plate. And, the ceiling joists that extend across the home must be properly lapped and connected to create a tension-tie across the home. If these standard practices are lacking, the roof ridge will sag and the exterior walls will begin to lean outward.

Roof systems framed with trusses use pre-engineered, light-gage-plate-connected sawn lumber members fabricated according to a proprietary engineering design. The benefits of trusses include its ability to withstand structural load requirements and difficult roof framing configurations.

Trusses are able to transfer all of their load to the outer bearing points, thus, they do not need any support from interior room partition walls. However, truss-framed roofs can still create floor sag and other issues. When trusses are excessively long, they become flimsy and fragile. Unless handled with extreme care, during the erection process, the metal-plate connection can detach from the wood members and the truss can no longer be used.


Covering the Costs of your Commercial Roof Installation

Covering the Costs of your Commercial Roof Installation
Joe Hall Roofing has years of experience providing companies across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with commercial roofing services. Serving Arlington, Plano, Southlake, and cities in between, we work with customers in North Texas to provide quality commercial products and services to keep your building up and running for the long haul.

Our roofing consultants specialize in commercial roofing. With an emphasis on roof restoration, which uses high-tech reflective and emissive products to extend the life of your roof while saving you money on energy bills, we are able to help businesses keep their customers and tenants safe and secure.

The Commercial roofing division offers leading roof technologies for commercial roofing systems. The science behind commercial roofing is the foundation of our work at Joe Hall Roofing. Combined with future market trends, we are able to provide innovative solutions for commercial buildings. And the best part is that we use sustainable building practices to minimize the impact on the environment while saving you energy costs.

Our contractors are educated in the technology of commercial roofing practices. To help you achieve your goals for your building, we will meet with you to discuss your options as a building owner. From examples of roofing systems to visualizing and customizing your roof application options, we want you to understand the options available to use.

Most of our projects are re-roofing anywhere between a few hundred square feet to thousands of square feet. We install single-ply, modified, built-up, tar and gravel, and metal. Roof restoration systems are also available to extend the life of your roof dramatically.

Knowing your options and funding a project of this magnitude can be overwhelming. Here are some tips for you to follow when contacting your insurance company:

Contact Joe Hall Roofing for a free on-site inspection to determine if there is damage to your roof. Once the damage has been assessed, discuss your options for fixing the damage and preventing future damage. If temporary repairs are needed until the full project can be executed, your insurance agent can authorize work to prevent further damage. Take photos throughout the process. Having pictures of the damage before any work has been done will help you tremendously.

Selecting a reputable company can be the million dollar decision you make during the roofing process. Joe Hall Roofing is licensed and insured for your protection. We provide our roofing services throughout the DFW Metroplex—Tarrant County, Dallas, Fort Worth, and across the mid-cities. For our commercial customers, we are careful to help you keep your daily business flowing smoothly. Our contractors are organized to keep walkways open and accessible and we keep a quiet atmosphere for tenants or workers to have a peaceful environment.


The Effects of Winter Weather on Your North Texas Roof System

The Effects of Winter Weather on Your North Texas Roof System
Though our new year has started with predictably unpredictable North Texas weather, the frigid air hasn’t completely left us for the season. North Texas is predicted to have some bitter cold days in the coming month. So how do these rapid changes in weather affect your roof system?

Your roof is designed to protect your home from Mother Nature, including rain, sleet, cold temperatures, rapid changes in temperatures, etc. But, it is also crucial to maintain your roof if you want your roof to have a long lifespan.

Cold weather can leave homeowners with some unpleasant residue, if proper roof maintenance is not completed. From your gutters, to the flashing, to the eaves, and even the shingles, these parts of the roof are especially susceptible to damage during ice and snow storms. So take advantage of the random sunny days we get to inspect your roof. Clean out your gutters, check the seals around the flashing, check your eaves to make sure there is accumulated snow, leaves, debris, or other materials that can cause too much pressure on the roof structure.

This will help prepare for the icy weather we often get during winter.

When winter weather arrives, there’s not much you can do. But it’s good to understand how cold weather can affect your roof system. Falling ice can affect the integrity of lower parts of your roof. Deterioration can occur on walls that are covered in ice for a long period of time. Gutters that fill with ice dams are more likely to leak and collapse.

Though these problems are rare for the mild winters we experience in North Texas, knowing where to look when inspecting your roof after winter storms can help you spot issues before they grow into massive problems.

However, we want to make sure that homeowners are safe during inspections. If it’s still icy outside, it’s too soon to grab your ladder. If you sense a problem, call a professional to inspect your roof, clean your roof, or make any repairs. With years of experience, our contractors are able to help you using the latest innovations.

Avoid winter weather roofing problems altogether by making sure the slope of your roof allows for water and snow to naturally slide off the roof easily. If your roof system is not designed like this, consider investing in professional help to have your roof slopes altered.

Finally, always invest in high quality material. The manufacturers we work with at Joe Hall Roofing provide superior roofing materials for North Texas homes to keep your roof system safe and sound for many, many years to come. When you maintain your roof, winter is much less of a threat to your roof system.


Commercial Roofing Testimonials from DFW Metroplex Customers

Commercial Roofing Testimonials from DFW Metroplex Customers
Joe Hall Roofing Commercial Division is dedicated to providing high quality products and services to customers across the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. With endless years of combined experience and education in the innovative practices of commercial roofing, our contractors are prepared for whatever size project your business requires.

Certified by several manufacturers allows us to help you in selecting top notch commercial roof application for your property. At Joe Hall Roofing, we pride ourselves on our relationship with our clients. We want to ensure your satisfaction for years to come.

To protect our clients as our contractors complete projects, we are licensed and insured. Whether you’re building is in Dallas, Arlington, Southlake, Carrollton, or any other city surrounding the DFW Metroplex, we will work with you to keep your business up and running throughout the duration of your roofing project.

After many years of working in the commercial roofing industry, we have seen a lot of diverse needs. From churches to hospitals, small projects to large industrial projects, our capabilities allow us to work with commercial customers with unique roofing requirements.

At Joe Hall Roofing, we specialize in re-roof projects, from a few hundred square feet to thousands of square feet. From single-ply, modified, and built-up to tar and gravel and metal, we can install the most beneficial roof material for your commercial property.

As roofing technology continues to progress, we continue in our innovations to provide the latest and best products to our clients. We offer roof restoration systems for your buildings that can extend the life of your roof dramatically as well as reduce energy costs to save you money.

The Arlington Chinese Church is just one of our clients who had unique requirements for their building. They were experiencing numerous leaks due to premature aging of their roof. With granular loss and seams pulling apart, we assessed the situation during our consultation and were able to provide them with an innovative solution to preserve the life of their roof system.

On the Arlington Chinese Church project, we used an ER Systems asphalt roof restoration system. We power washed the entire roof, repaired fish mouths and cracks in the existing roof system, applied sealant to protrusions, vent stacks, and seams, then finished out the roof with an Eraguard 500 acrylic roof coating.

This solution was discussed and decided upon to ensure that the churches roof system lasted for many years to come. At Joe Hall Roofing, our goal isn’t to complete one job. Our job is to get your roof to a state of proper function for a long lifetime of worry-free use.

If you own a commercial property, whether you’re at the beginning stages of initial installation or have re-roof requirements, allow our contractors to provide you with a consultation to get you the latest technology for a long lasting roof system.

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