Composition Roofing Shingles

Composition ShinglesComposition roofing shingles are the most popular solution for completing a beautiful home. Durable, cost-effective, and long lasting, composition shingles are fortified with a blend of high-quality roofing materials, able to outlast the most demanding of environments. Today's composition shingles are available with special additives to protect against algae growth and surface damage.

Available in two types- organic and non-organic, composition shingles can fit a wide range of roofing styles. Carrying many fire resistant properties, composite shingles can protect against various types of damage and external factors. Should damage occur, replacement or repair is fast and inexpensive. Composition roof shingles are widely used due to their wide variety of styles and options. Joe Hall Roofing provides quick and easy installation, with a close attention to detail to ensure long lasting, elegant results. Also available are a variety of quality manufacturers to choose from, giving you the exclusive ability to customize your roofing.

Styles range from upscale and elegant to uniquely simple and cost-effective. Find the perfect fit for your home with Joe Hall Roofing. Offering a wide variety of quality, custom solutions, JHR provides dependability and assurance with every installation.

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GAF Residential Composition ShinglesAffordable, durable, customizable- GAF roofing shingles are a popular choice for residential and commercial roofing needs. With countless options to choose from, GAF provides the look you want for the price you can afford. No matter how complex the design, GAF can offer something for everyone.

Quality is a core component of GAF roofing products. GAF shingles are fortified with premium materials that add sustainability to every home. The team at Joe Hall Roofing are experts in installing these quality shingles to deliver a look you'll love. Take a look at the exciting possibilities GAF can offer your home. Joe Hall Roofing will take care of the rest.

It is this variation in color, combined with natural weathering, that adds to slate’s beauty, character, and charm. Sunset is a unique, naturally occurring blend with a broad spectrum of colors. Individual slates may vary from grey to beige, gold, and rust. All of these colors combine to create a beautiful mosaic of warm earth tones. Besides being one of our most popular colors, Sunset is also a rare combination that you can’t get from most other slate suppliers!

Interested in making your own design statement? Thanks to TruSlate’s unique modular approach,you can add your own personal touch to an already beautiful roof. From abstract designs to nature-inspired motifs. From numbers or letters to logos.The sky is the limit. And if you ever get tired of your choice,changing it is as easy as rearranging the slates. TruSlate Core Colors can be combined with Accent Colors to achieve unique, customized blends. So you can mix and match to your heart’s content or to match your personal color scheme.



CertainTeed Residential Composition Shingles

A systems approach combines high-performance
components – under layments, shingles,
accessory products and ventilation – to make
the Integrity Roof System a complete roofing
solution. When you choose an Integrity Roof
System, you gain the advantage of having
CertainTeed as your single manufacturing source
to stand behind its roof system components.

Specializing in residential, low slope, and solar solutions, CertainTeed products are a popular choice. With styles ranging from Traditional, to Luxury, to Premium Designer, CertainTeed roofing offers elegant options at every price. Coatings, seals, and primers are available to strengthen against external factors.

Customize your roof with energy-absorbent material, or hear the difference with specialized acoustic shingles. CertainTeed delivers sustainability and innovation with each manufactured shingle. Joe Hall Roofing has specialized in countless installations of high-quality CertainTeed products. Let JHR help complete your home with a signature solution from CertainTeed.

Starter shingles are designed to work specifically with each different type of CertainTeed shingle for maximum performance. We’ve put green thinking behind our shingle and environmentally sound manufacturing ahead of standard industry practices to produce a product line that is green and growing. CertainTeed is committed to resource conservation. Our roofing manufacturing facilities recycle close to 90% of the production waste into asphalt materials used for the construction of roads. We also integrate recycled content into many of our packaging needs including corrugated rolls and kraft paper.

They’re small steps in a big world. But we’re green and growing everyday. It’s a commitment we take seriously at CertainTeed. ColorView™ isCertainTeed’s interactive toolto help you visualize productstyle and color options. Using it is easy. Just go to Lifetime limited transferable warranty against manufacturing defects on residential applications.


Owens Corning

Owens Corning Residential Composition ShinglesOwens Corning, a manufacturing leader in composite shingles, is one of the most sought out sources for roofing products. Placing performance as a top priority, Owens Corning shingles are built to outlast the elements, leaving you with long lasting results and a beautiful home. No matter what style your home represents, Owens Corning products can provide a custom solution for that perfect fit.

Reassurance is at the heart of every Owens Corning product. Offering an outstanding warranty, numerous protectant seals, and high-quality materials, Owens Corning shingles are a sure thing. Joe Hall Roofing specializes in the installation of these composite shingles, with the ability to tailor each solution to perfectly fit your home.

Owens Corning and your contractor can make this a positive experience—an opportunity, really. This is your chance to choose a roof that not only has outstanding performance, but also has exceptional beauty. One that can transform the look of your entire home.So for years to come, you’ll feel greatevery time you pull in the driveway. Oakridge shingles have a warm, inviting lookin popular colors for a step up from traditional three-tab shingles. A 30-Year LimitedWarranty* with 70-MPH Wind ResistanceLimited Warranty* adds to this shingle’sappeal, along with our Algae Resistance Limited Warranty.

The essentials for a healthy roofing system. It takes more than just shingles to create a high performance roof. It requires a system of products working together. Owens Corning Roofing Essentials Accessory Products work with our shingles to makeup a roofing system that helps provide maximum durability. Consider our Designer Colors Collection, the latest addition to our Duration Series shingles product line. They offer the same exceptional performance—in five unique colors you won’t find elsewhere. Ask your contractor how our Designer Colors Collection can transform the lookof your home.




Malarkey Residential Composition ShinglesOffering both commercial and residential roofing solutions, Joe Hall Roofing offers the installation of high-quality Malarkey composite shingles. From High Profile Laminate Shingles, to environmentally-friendly Solar Reflective Shingles, Malarkey products are known for being trustworthy solutions for a price you can afford. Offering several protective warranties, Malarkey products deliver reassurance with every installation.

With durability being a crucial component, Malarkey composite shingles are manufactured with premium protectant seals to ensure long lasting results. Malarkey also specializes steep slope roofing, with a special residential systems to offer more support for special jobs. Choose from a variety of installation styles and additional protectant layers as the perfect fit for your home.

SBS Modified Hip and Ridge Strips offer exceptional performance. Malarkey Roofing Products' 225 Hip and Ridge Strips 10" and 227 Hip and Ridge Strips 12" respond to the demands of a high performance hip and ridge cap for all shingled roofs, supporting an array of ridge vents. Scotchgard protection from 3M offer quality unparalleled for its value. 225 and 227 Hip and Ridge Strips feature the Scotchgard Algae Resistant Roofing Protection from 3M with a 20-year warranty. Scotchgard protection from 3M is the single most effective solution available against algae damage.




Atlas Roofing Company

Atlas Roofing Company Residential Composition ShinglesAtlas Roofing shingles provide a look of luxury for less. Well- designed and professionally crafted, Atlas Roofing Shingles are a top choice for residential roofing. Offering a variety of protective warranties and special features are just a couple of the ways Atlas Roofing products stay ahead of the competition. Joe Hall Roofing combines its expertise with this premium product to deliver exceptionally elegant results.

Atlas Roofing products provide superior protection against the common types of roof damage that leave others in need of assistance. With Atlas Roofing shingles, preventative material protects your home year round, leaving you with a clean bill of wealth. Explore the vast options with Atlas Roofing shingles, you'll love the difference.

Algae resistant standard inhibits algae growth. 150 mph wind tested, 120 mph wind driven rain tested. SBS modified asphalt wind sealant, all weather application and superior wind resistance. Class 4 impact resistance, may reduce rates on your homeowner policy. Matching pro-cut hip and ridge shingles. 3M ceramic coated granules.




TAMKO Building Products

TAMKO Residential Composition ShinglesNothing expresses your style as a homeowner more vividly than the American Heritage Series of laminated asphalt shingles by TAMKO®. Heritage® Premium and Heritage shingles feature a rich Shadowtone granule blend that creates theelegant, dimensional appearance of wood shakes, without the high cost or safety concerns. All Heritage shingles arealso UL listed for Class A Fire Resistance and come with our Algae Relief–Algae Cleaning Limited Warranty.

Heritage shingles are available in two distinct color palettes.Classic Heritage Colors are time-honored favorites thatcreate a traditional look, while America’s Natural Colors® add a contemporary flair with dramatic and vibrant hues. Heritage Series Laminated Asphalt Shingles by TAMKO have always provided years of striking beauty anddurable roofing protection. Now TAMKO has enhancedthe Limited Warranty coverage on all Heritage products with longer up-front protection, reinforcing the outstanding value they provide.

Your roof consists of much more than just shingles. Underneath are several additional products all working to help protect your home from the elements. Choosing TAMKO products will provide professional-grade performance to enhance roof protection and durability. Since 1944, building professionals and homeowners have looked to TAMKO for quality products builtto perform. Our residential line also includes Heritage® Vintage® Laminated Asphalt Shingles, Lamarite® Composite Shingles, MetalWorks® Steel Shingles, 3-tab shingles, EverGrain® Composite Decking andRailing, Elements® DockBoard, Tam-Rail® Railing System, waterproofing materials, ventilation products andasbestos-free cements and coatings. Each of these products delivers TAMKO quality, performance and durability.




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