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Composition ShinglesReroofing existing buildings is an efficient method of extending the life of any structure. In most instances, an MBCI standing seam roof system can be installed directly over the existing roof with minor modifications, which means no work interruption for the building owner. A qualified structural engineer should be consulted for any modifications to be performed.

Reroofing existing buildings is not only efficient, but it can also give acompletely different look to the structure. By adding a steeper slope and apainted MBCI standing seam roof system, a leaky, expensive roof can be converted into a showplace.

To ensure that the MBCI standing seam roof system is everything needed in a roof, we constantly test each system for reliability and weatherability over different structural framing systems such as purlins, bar joists, metal deck and plywood. As a result, each system carries Underwriters Laboratories Fire Resistance, UL 90 Wind Uplift ratings and ASTM E1592 Structural Performance Uplift data. Appropriate construction numbers can be found in the UL Directories under the “Metal Roof Deck Panel” section or call MBCI for this information. In addition, independent test laboratories have tested each system for air and water penetration.

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Custom Formed Standing Seam Seal by Joe Hall Roofing, Inc.

Composition Shingles

You won’t find a better roof system than a preformed metal standing
seam roof system. And, MBCI offers you a choice of six systems
that are unsurpassed in the industry.

Special clips are available allowing for thermal roof expansion and contraction during extreme temperature changes. All trim is both weather tight and aesthetically pleasing, giving the roof a nice finished appearance. Also,excluding endlaps, the only panel penetration required is outside the building envelope. The endlaps are tightly sealed using specially designed componentsor by swaging the panels.

Each MBCI roof system is a complete system. MBCI offers all necessarycomponents, including color matched standard and custom trim, concealed floating clips, long life fasteners and back-up plates for use at the endlap and ridge. Panels include factory-applied sealant in the sidelap to resist air and water infiltration and can be notched for endlaps. Except for Curved BattenLok®, which is available in 24-gauge only, MBCI SSR panels are available in 26-, 24- or 22-gauge Galvalume Plus®.The standard base metal is 24- or 22-gauge Galvalume Plus. Some products are also available in 26-gauge. Galvalume Plus is a high-quality, cold-rolled sheet steel with a corrosion resistant metallic coating of aluminum and zinc. In addition, panel striations are standard on the vertical leg systems. To ensure that any exposed fastener will last as long as the roof, our standard offering isa zinc-aluminum alloy head fastener.

MBCI’s metal roofs are energy efficient, recyclable, durable, lightweight and cost effective. Our panels are made from 25-35 percent recycled materials andare 100 percent recyclable. Cool metal roofing offers energy savings benefiting both economical and environmental concerns. As a proud Energy Star Partner, many of our Cool Roof colors have reflectivity performance levels that meet Energy Star criteria for roof pitches greater than 2:12. In addition to potential energy savings, our products can help your project gain LEED points.




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